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About the Pod

A weekly show where the host Mahyar Ebrahimi has a deep dive conversation with leading industry experts, trail-blazers and market leaders on the key topics of our time, including areas like sustainability, technology, urban planning and city design, health and fitness, and more.

Our Mission

  • Making insights from industry leaders and trailblazers readily available to everyone, everywhere
  • Providing these insights in an easily understandable and engaging format
  • Going beyond the norm - Revealing the insights, you can’t just find anywhere

Meet the Host

Mahyar Ebrahimi, Host of the BeyondX Podcast

Mahyar Ebrahimi is the founder and host of the BeyondX Podcast. He an experienced conference and events professional, having spent the past 6 years helping key public and private sector stakeholders in the MENA region create unique platforms for collaboration, cooperation, and knowledge-sharing. His areas of focus and expertise include Smart Cities, Sustainability, Health and Fitness, and everything Tech.

He is currently the Head of Content for Strategic Intelligence Forum, where he strategically supports public authorities launch their key initiatives, through conferences and events, digital content and more


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